- Golden West Quilters` Guild

Golden West Quilters` Guild
Outreach Day

An outreach workshop took place between 21 – 24 August 2012 to coincide with the annual quilt exhibition and retreat of Golden West Quilters Guild (GWQG). Eight women and one man attended the classes and made a bag. They learnt a quick way to make triangles in order to compose different patterns.

Charlotte Van Schalkwyk (Chairlady of GWQG) with the help of Christa Potgieter (Chairlady of De Oude Molen Quilters Guild) were presenters of the classes.The Potchefstroom Museum sponsored fabric for the occasion.

The man and women who attend the classes came from our local community.

Participants in this sucessful event were:

Victoria Laurie, Emily Phleo, Matsheko Seleke, Mary Motsweneng,

Dinah Madiehe, Raphael Tau,

Grace Mokgweta, Eunice Thekiso and Wilhelmina Ilanke.