SAQG Quilt Competitions

The South African Quilters Guild sets the Competition Categories as well as the Criteria, Rules and Conditions for entering the SA National Quilt Competitions.

Since 1989 when the national guild was established, we have designed the categories and set the criteria for quilt competitions. These have developed over the years and are adapted regularly after National Festivals if necessary.

We strive to keep up to date with recent/current trends while expecting entries of a high standard of design and workmanship with judging done in a fair and professional manner by SAQG accredited quilt judges.

The official SAQG Competition documents and information are used in the National Quilt Festivals competitions as well as at other regional and or local quilt competitions.

The next SAQG National Quilt Competition will be in 2024. Go to the Voices in Cloth website

Official SAQG Competition Documents and Information

SAQG National Quilt Festivals Winners Lists
SAQG Categories for National Quilt Competitions
SAQG Rules and Regulations for National Quilt Competitions