Quilters’ Hall of Fame

The South African Quilters’ Hall of Fame (QHoF) will take the form of an online repository posted on the SAQG website.

The mission of The Quilters’ Hall of Fame is to celebrate quilting as an art form by honouring SAQG quilters who have achieved excellence and recognition in producing an original, creative and technically excellent body of work. Quilters and textile artists who are members of SAQG are eligible for nomination.

A quilter inducted into the QHoF will be able to showcase items/examples of their body of work, and their contribution to quilt-making as an art form. 

The honour and status of being a member of the Quilters Hall of Fame will not take the place of the Pro Dedicate Award which is awarded biennially by the SAQG to honour a person for service to the South African quilting community.