Master Quilters

The honour of being named a Master Quilter is earned and awarded as formal recognition by SAQG. It is a reflection of the outstanding workmanship that the quilter has produced. It refers to the consummate level of the quilter’s skill in the design, his/her outstanding technical workmanship and the exceptional execution of the quilting in the finished piece.


A Master Quilter is defined as a quilter who at a SA National Quilt Competition has won

• A Best of Show Award, or

• First Prize in one of the core categories which are currently

1. Standard, Bed Quilt;

2. Standard, Wall Quilt: Pictorial;

3.Standard, Wall Quilt using geometrical and/or organic shapes;

4. Standard, Wall Quilt: Art Quilt/Fibre Art.

Note that until 2015 the core categories were: Contemporary Traditional, Innovative and Freestyle, large and small. 

• Or a quilter who has previously been granted Master Quilter status. 


NOTE - Quilts entered in non Core categories are not considered for Master Quilter Status. They are categories such as the Travelling Exhibitions, Challenges, Miniature, Wearable Art, Collaborative and Group quilts or any other categories.


NOTE THAT – in the SA National Quilt Competition - Those quilters who are Master Quilters are restricted to entering work into the Master categories (where there is the distinction between Standard and Master in the category) such as the three Wall Quilt categories.   They may also enter work in the other categories where NO distinction is made between Standard and Master: Challenge, Group, Collaborative, Miniature and Open categories.


Our Master Quilters are:

Alet Davy
Anabelle Walkley
Anette McMaster
Anna-Maria Flanegan
Anne Strauss
Annelize van Niekerk
Antoinette Kriel
Barbara van Jaarsveldt
Beverley Rebelo
Claire Wallace
Colleen Butler

Elaine Barnard
Elizabeth Woodcock
Elize Nel

Ethelda Erasmus
Francis Deacon
Gerda Schutte
Griet Lombard
HM Pool
Jean McRae
Jeanette Gilks
Jenny Hearn
Jenny Svensson
Joan Barnes
Jolena van Rooyen
Joy Clark
Jutta Faulds
Karin Gaylard
Kathryn Cilliers-Louw
Kathryn Harmer-Fox
Laetitia Cilliers
Leonie Muller
Lin Simpson
Lina Lombard
Lyn Matcher
Macky Cilliers
Mara de Jager
Margaret Landman
Margaret le Roux
Marge Gatter
Margie Garrat
Mari Claase
Marie dut Toit
Marie Peacey
Marie van Rensburg
Marietjie Coertsen
Marike Stegmann
Marilyn Pretorius
Marline Turner
Maudie le Roux
Maureen Connolly
Moira Ryder
Netta Schutte
Norma Slabbert
Odette Tolksdorf
Pam Catsavis
Pat Parker
Paul Schutte
Pauline v d Vyver
Petra Rademeyer
Petro Muller
Petro van Rooyen

Riette Dolezal
Rika Hoffman
Rina Schutte
Rita de Jager
Rita Rosher
Roma Dunn
Ronel Linde
Rosalie Dace
Rose Stanley
Roy Starke
Sabera Sarang-Cassim
Sally Scott
Shan Day

Shanida Arnoldi
Sheila McKenzie
Sheila Walwyn
Sue Akerman
Sue Cameron
Sue Prins
Susan Wessels
Suzette Ehlers
Telene Jeffrey
Terry Ann Pryke
Tilly de Harde
Trienie Krugel
Trix de Jager
Trudie Horak

Wilna Smit
Zoobi Tootler