Pro Dedicate Award

The SAQG Pro Dedicate Award is presented every second year
to a South African quilter in honour of their outstanding service
to quilting in South Africa.

Presented in 2000 to

Louise Rheeder

in recognition for her dedication to the promotion of the art of quiltmaking in South Africa since 1986.
Much Loved and Encouraging Teacher
Service as a representative on the South African Quilters’ Guild Committee

Louise Rheeder

We pay tribute to her humanitarian devotion, teaching and serving all communities from widely diverse areas and backgrounds.

Louise Rheeder

In 1989 Louise started teaching eight ladies from Qwa Qwa an area sharing a border with Lesotho to make articles from fabric scraps she collected. They went back home and taught unemployed women to make things to sell so that they could have food on their tables.

In 1993 Louise was asked by a delegation of eight people from the Peace Corps in Maseru (Lesotho) to teach a 7-day workshop for 18 Home Economics teachers.

She is blessed with a wonderful sense of humour and there is always fun and laughter around her.

Her warmth, dedication and generous caring nature endear her to everyone.


Louise was a representative on the South African Quilters’ Guild Committee for several years and attended many quilt festivals either teaching outreach classes and as a delegate at the festivals.