Pro Dedicate Award

The SAQG Pro Dedicate Award is presented every second year
to a South African quilter in honour of their outstanding service
to quilting in South Africa.

Presented in 2004 to

Maretha Fourie

in recognition of her dedication as a pioneer of the art of quiltmaking in South Africa since 1987


Renowned Quiltmaking Teacher, nationally and internationally


Ambassador for Promoting SA Quiltmaking, nationally and internationally


Author of Quilt books

Maretha Fourie

Maretha is respected both academically and creatively for her love of textiles, and her enthusiasm and knowledge.

Maretha Fourie

Maretha established the Protea Home Group in Johannesburg, 1979. 

She taught and travelled all over SA, also in Swakopmund and Katima Molilo in Namibia, 1980.

Maretha published “Protea Designs for Piecing and Quilting”, December 1984.

She was involved in important quilting projects, such as a quilt for the Pope in 1984, a SA Textile Exhibition in Peru, an exhibition of Protea design quilts sent to Canberra in Australia and a commemorative quilt for Johannesburg’s 100th anniversary.

In 1987, after Maretha’s Protea Quilters sponsored a meeting of approx. 200 quilters, the Golden Rand Guild was founded.  She was also instrumental in the founding of the SAQG in September 1989.


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