2019 INTERCHANGE - threads connect

2019 INTERCHANGE - threads connect

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Hosted by Golden Rand & Jacaranda

2019-08-16 - 2019-08-23

Heronbridge College, Fourways, JHB, Gauteng


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Prize winners of the 2019 Quilt Festival.

Best Bed Quilt: Sue Prins. (Victoria.)

Best Wall Hanging: Tilly de Harde. (Scram.)

Best use of Colour: Tilly de Harde. (Exodus.)

Best Machine Work: Claire Wallace. (African Sunset.)

Best Handwork: Rose Stanley. (Round Auntie Green’s Garden.)

Judges Choice:

Sheila Walwyn: Pauline Cartlidge. (All my bits and Pieces.)

Annette Zondagh: Anneen de Villiers and Stephanie Geldenhuys. (My Secret Garden.)

Mari Strydom: Joy Clark. (Illusion.)

Bed Quilts Standard:

First Prize: Riette Dolezal. (Cosmic Flow.)

Second Prize: Sue Bax. (“Made from Africa”.)

Third Prize: Wilma Smit. (Heksies op Steroide.)

Highly Commended: Shanida Arnodi. (Blue Robin.), Wilna Heyneke. (Autumn Harvest.)

Bed Quilts Masters:

Second Prize: Antoinette Kriel. (Starburst Diamonds.)

Third Prize: Beverley Rebelo. (Ankole.)

Wall Pictures Standard:

First Prize: Ethelda Erasmus. (Flamingos in the Freestate.)

Second Prize: Trish van Zyl. (Fynbos Cycle.)

Third Prize: Gerda Bouwer. (Thamo E. Khibidu.)

Highly Commended: Suzen Bornman. (Shack with a View.), Lilian Myburgh. (Birds of Paradise.)

Wall Pictures Masters:

First Prize: Elaine Barnard. (Below Surface.)

Second Prize: Joy Clark. (Equilibrium.)

Third Prize: Birgit Schueller. (The Sprinter.)

Highly Commended: Joan Barnes. (The Colour of my Dream.)

Wall Quilts Geo/Org Standard:

First Prize: Shanida Arnoldi. (Gatsby Lane.)

Second Prize: Merle Gilson. (Delightful.)

Third Prize: Shanida Arnoldi. (Gold Nugget.)

Highly Commended: Elizabeth McAinsh. (Wibbley Wobbley Holiday Fun.), Wilna Heyneke. (Desert Song.), Lilian Myburgh. (Hope.)

Wall Quilts Geo/Org Masters:

First Prize: Claire Wallace. (African Sunset.)

Second Prize: Telene Jeffrey. (Pewter.)

Third Prize: Claire Wallace. (Summertime.)

Highly Commended: Colleen Butler. (Sunburst.), Antoinette Kriel. (In the City.)

Wall Art Standard:

First Prize: Wilna Smit. (Who sat in my chair?)

Second prize: Lilian Myburgh. (Fractured Iris.)

Highly Commended: Minda du Plessis. (A Certain kind of Madness.), Ina Meyer. (Autumnscapes.)

Wall Art Masters:

First Prize: Laetitia Cilliers. (Jumping Fences.)

Second Prize: Tilly de Harde. (Exodus.)

Third Prize: Jenny Hearn. (“Wild Spring”. One person’s weed is another’s Flower.)

Highly Commended: Elaine Barnard. (Memories.), Macky Cilliers. (Ebb and Flow.), Annelize van Niekerk. (Maroccan Spice.)


First Prize: Linda Oerlemans. (Phebe.)

Second Prize: Barbara Kellerman. (Ornamental Alphabet.)

Third Prize: Rose Stanley. (Round Auntie Green’s Garden.)

Highly Commended: Ross Munro. (Out of Aotearoa.), Maria Munro. (Pieces of Japan.), Sue Bax. (Brimming with Flora and Fauna.), Linda Oerlemans. (Perkiomen Daydreams.), Neeske Pacey. (My Pride and Joy.)

Collaborative Quilts:

First Prize: Mari Geldenhuys and Stephanie Geldenhuys. (Garden of the Flower.)

Second Prize: Jennifer Svensson and Telene Jeffrey. (Anna.)

Third Prize: Anneen de Villiers and Stephanie Geldenhuys. (My Secret Garden.)

Highly Commended: Melody De Freitas and Merle Gilson. (Joan’s Butterfly Fairie.), Annie du Toit and Claire Wallace. (365 Challenge by Kathryn Kerr.), Wilna Heyneke and Elmarie Viljoen. (Jane Affair.)

Group Quilts:

First Prize: Joan Barnes Group. (Dancing Towers Sandton 2019.)

Second Prize: Village Quilters – Kloof. (Symbols of Humanity.)

Third Prize: Goue Weste Kwilters Gilde. (Joyful Exploding Colour.)


First Prize: Marline Turner. (Jewel of India.)

Second Prize: Adrienne Brown. (Renovated log cabin.)

Third Prize: Alison Grant-Fletcher. (Whispered Dream.)

Highly Commended: Christine Kilian. (Little Treasures.)

Youth Quilts u/13:

First Prize: Line Nel. (Owls in the Forest.)

Second Prize: Janu Smith. (Die Stekelplant.)

Third Prize: Carla Sophia Muller. (Boom van Liefde.)

Highly Commended: Zoe-Luke van Onselen. (Flamboyant Peacock Fan.), Hannah Williams. (Mine Craft Adventure.)

Youth Quilts u/18:

First Prize: Lamee’ah Ismail. (Chloe’s Quilt.)

Second Prize: Megan Lucas. (Purple Haze.)

Third Prize: Lauren Bowman. (Fly Away.)

Challenge – Threads Connect:

First Prize: Lida Blignaut. (Collective Unconcious.)

Second Prize: Lilian Myburgh. (Growth.)

Third Prize: Debbie du Toit. (Red String of Fate.)

Highly Commended: Judy Pavey. (We are all connected.), Patricia A’Bear. (Threads of life.)

Challenge  - Interchange:

• Best interpretation of theme:  My secret garden  by  Allison Moorcroft

• Best workmanship:  What about tomorrow?  by Louise Venter

• Best use of colour: From Heaven to earth come down  by  Sandra de Wet


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