2019 World Quilt Competition

2019 World Quilt Competition

2019 World Quilt CompetitionSouth Africa has taken part annually in the World Quilt Competition since 2001. The purpose of the competition is to hold a truly international quilt competition in America.The competition has categories for both Traditional and Innovative quilts, with cash awards. Entries from South Africa regularly win prizes in all categories including : Best Machine Workmanship, Best Hand Workmanship and Best Use of Colour.


Each country that enters 10 or more quilts is eligible for the Best of Country awards.  

Entries are juried in the USA and international shipping costs are sponsored by the organisers Mancuso Show Mangement. See: https://www.quiltfest.com/

Any South African is welcome to enter a quilt.  Contact the coordinator for South Africa: Odette Tolksdorf : odetteT@iafrica.com


The 2019 judges awarded the Best of Country Award - South Africa to Lilian Myburgh for her quilt Layers and Lizards. Congratulations to Lilian and all the South African participants for having their quilts accepted into the competition. 


Here are the South Africa entries that were accepted in 2019 (all entries were accepted), and they represented South Africa at various venues in America at the World Quilt Competition exhibitions:
Elaine Barnard - The Secret Life of Carrots

Susan B Bornman - Michelangelo,  The Master In Fabric

Sue Cameron - Nostalgia

 Arty Farty Group - H2O – The New Gold

Lilian Myburgh - Circles and Roses

Lilian Myburgh - Layers and Lizards

Sabine Obermuller - Fading Winter’s Dream

Leslie Pahl - An African Mandala

Gwyneth Perry - Ngiyabonga (Thank You)

Claire Wallace - Titanic

Sheila Walwyn - Water is Gold

Diana Vandeyar - Crazy In Love

Bettie Van Zyl - 11:00 11.11.1918

Odette Tolksdorf South Africa Coordinator – WORLD QUILT COMPETITION (USA)