Tilly de Harde

Tilly de Harde

With more than 20 years of experience in traditional techniques such as patchwork and embroidery, Tilly’s creativity is driven by an interest in materials and techniques.

The textile art that Tilly is known for today has grown from a foundation of quilting and the knowledge that almost any fibre can be utilized to achieve the results she needs.


In order to find different ways of creating texture from fibres, Tilly does a lot of research. She experiments with and teaches the results to quilters who are keen to learn different ways of incorporating ‘strange’ textures into their art works and quilts.Tilly is a member of SAQG, Golden Rand Guild for Quilters, Quadrille Quilters, Part Time Quilters and Fibreworks. She is an accredited SAQG and GRG teacher and teaches from home on a regular basis. She also travels on invitation.

Some of Tilly’s quilting achievements include, amongst others, Best handwork and Viewer’s choice in 2000, Best on show and Viewer’s choice in 2008, Best Freestyle on show, Best machine workmanship an Viewer’s choice in 2013, Best of show and other awards in 2019.


Tilly’s work “Destructive Beauty” was published in Linda Seward’s book “The ultimate guide to Art quilting” in 2014. She has had quilts featured in the Taiwan International Exhibition (2014, 2016 & 2020)


Tilly is a Bernina ambassador for quilting in South Africa  and she has won the Brother quilting competition numerous times.


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