Trienie Krugel

Trienie Krugel

Started quilting in the late 70’s, creating mostly traditional quilts although the urge to break the “rules” always lurked in the shadows, and paved the way for the transition into more innovative and art work.

She has no formal art training and is mostly self-taught. “I enjoy the process, the problem-solving challenges that each piece presents almost as much as the finished product,” she relates. “My inspiration is mostly found in nature, often inspired by Scripture, and I design my own quilts. Colour is probably my favourite design element; I love detail and add a lot of handwork to my pieces.”

Trienie’s work has been published in various local newspapers and magazines, as well as a feature article in the Japanese Quilting magazine in 2009.  The SAQG National festival brochures and Travelling Exhibition brochures features many of her works. One piece “Erica Regina” was selected to grace all the Val d’ Argent 2013 festival informative advertising material.  Her quilt “Voice of the voiceless” celebrating the life of Desmond Tutu is published in the book Ubuntu.

Her works are included in private collections in South Africa.


She had entered a quilt in almost all of our National Festivals, except when she was involved in the Judging process and not allowed to enter the competition. Some of these quilts won 1st, 2nd or special merit awards and Master Quilter status was awarded to her.  

Numerous quilts were selected over the course of years for the World Quilt Competition, and “Fantasy Foliage” was awarded a 2nd of Country award there.

Amongst others, she took part in the Tri-nations endeavour between NZ, SA and Australia, as well as the Movie directors Challenge between SA, France and Japan. 

“In my hart woon daar ‘n plaas”, a 3D piece, won 1st prize at the last Bloemfontein show, and was invited to be exhibited at IQCA after that, as well as in the special exhibition held to celebrate Jutta Faulds’s 80th birthday.

Trienie served on the SAQG committee as well as the Vaal Triangle committee. She is a founding member of GRG.  She was involved in compiling the Lapa publication “Laslap en Kwilt – inspirasie uit die verlede”. She is also a Tutor (Copyright) for the SAQG Teacher Training Course.

Besides making quilts, she loves the judging process and feels that it is a great responsibility and honour to be able to give positive feedback to entrants at quilt shows.


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