2022 Diversity

2022 Diversity

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Hosted by Good Hope Quilters Guild

2022-10-05 - 2022-10-09

Rhenish Girls’ High School, Stellenbosch, Western Cape


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21st South African National Quilt Festival

Best of Show: Bed Quilts - Turkish Delight, Alta Alberts, Stephanie Geldenhuys
Best of Show: Wall Quilts - Invitation, Catherine Knox
Best Longarm Machine Quilting: Mary, Queen of Bedford, Linda Oerlemans
Best Stationary Machine Quilting: Tall Horses II, Lilian Myburgh
Best Hand Workmanship: Chennai Rangoli, Marline Turner
Best Use of Colour: The Blue Butterfly, Barbara Kellermann

Judge’s Choice

  • Rosalie Dace - Cherry Pickers, Catherine Knox
  • Marianne Niemandt - Fermentation, Marilyn Pretorius
  • Paul Schutte - When You See 8 Crows Together..., Elaine Barnard

Bed Quilts: Pieced/Appliquéd

  • First Prize - To Everything There Is A Season, Dewald Compion
  • Second Prize - Lockdown Love Affair, Jenny WIlliamson
  • Third Prize - Hundreds and Thousands, Marlize Pienaar
  • Highly Commended - How Does My Garden Grow, Joy Clark


Bed Quilts: Open 

  • First Prize - Mary, Queen of Bedford, Linda Oerlemans
  • Second Prize - Antique Wedding Sampler, Linda Oerlemans
  • Third Prize - Checkers, Colleen Butler
  • Highly Commended - Day Lilly, Marlize Pienaar


Collaborative Quilts

  • First Prize - Wilhelmina - my onthoue omsoom Belinda du Toit, Elize Visser
  • Second Prize - The Protea Quilt Wilna Heyneke, Telene Jeffrey
  • Third Prize - Memory Garden Annie Marais, Charmaine Fiorotto
  • Highly Commended - Kwilt op die stoep Suretha le Roux, Stephanie Geldenhuys


Group Quilts

  • First Prize - Migration, Arty Farty Group
  • Second Prize - Creative Wool Applique, Namibiab Inami
  • Third Prize - The Diversity of the Universe, Golden West Quilters’ Guild
  • Highly Commended - Mardi Gras, Helderberg Beauties


Miniature Quilts

  • First Prize - Nature Is My Destiny, Petro Muller
  • Second Prize - The Lowry, Dewald Compion
  • Third Prize - I Hear You, Susan Wessels
  • Highly Commended - Jewel Log Nights, Mari Strydom


Modern Quilts

  • First Prize - Modern Star, Claire Wallace
  • Second Prize - Interaction, Alet Davy
  • Third Prize - Crushed Berries, Laetitia Cilliers
  • Highly Commended - When You See Me, Cry, Elaine Barnard


Diversity Theme Challenge

  • First Prize - A Walk in the Forest, Ilse Geldenhuis
  • Second Prize - Poppies a Round, Alet Davy
  • Third Prize - Blue Night in Shining Armour, Mari Claase
  • Highly Commended - Inclusion, Laetitia Cilliers


 Wall Quilts: Art Quilt/Fibre Art (Masters)

  • First Prize - Fermentation, Marilyn Pretorius
  • Second Prize - A Square Peg?, Susan Wessels
  • Third Prize - Listen, Susan Wessels
  • Highly Commended - Biodiversity Within a Diverse Country, Tilly de Harde


Wall Quilts: Art Quilt/Fibre Art (Standard)

  • First Prize - The Circle Within, Ina Meyer
  • Second Prize - Powerless, Glenda Weidmann
  • Third Prize - Upcycling Everything, Riana de Greeff
  • Highly Commended - Shades of Sunset, Elize Kemp
  • Highly Commended - My Special Place, Terrence Urban


Wall Quilts: Art Pictorial (Masters)

  • First Prize - When You See 8 Crows Together..., Elaine Barnard
  • Second Prize - A Flurry of Flight, Kathryn Harmer Fox
  • Third Prize - Out of Africa, Ethelda Ellis Erasmus
  • Highly Commended - Ghost Church, Jenny Hearn


Wall Quilts: Open

  • First Prize - Cherry Pickers, Catherine Knox
  • Second Prize - The Target, Mari Claase
  • Third Prize - Shades of Teal First Feathers, Inge Grobler


Wall Quilts: Art Pictorial (Standard)

  • First Prize - Memories of Italy, Rové Mittermaier
  • Second Prize - Tall Horses II, Lilian Myburgh
  • Third Prize - Faraway, Catherine Knox
  • Highly Commended - My Succulent Garden, Barbara Murray


Wall Quilts: Traditional (Masters)

  • First Prize - Chennai Rangoli, Marline Turner
  • Second Prize - Crossroads, Colleen Butler


Wall Quilts: Traditional (Standard)

  • First Prize - The Blue Butterfly, Barbara Kellermann
  • Second Prize - The Sensitive Plant, Inge Grobler
  • Third Prize - Hippy Revolution, Merle Gilson
  • Highly Commended - Inca King’s Kingdom, Una Mostert
  • Highly Commended - Gillian’s Circle of Friends, Una Mostert


Youth Quilts

  • First Prize - Forest of Memories, Carla Muller
  • Second Prize - Hats of Unity, Hannah Williams
  • Third Prize - Flag of Friendship, Jade Williams