Kokerboom Quilters' Guild

Kokerboom Quilters of Namibia is a group of enthusiastic ladies from a farming area in Southern Namibia. We accommodate all interested in quilting, crocheting and knitting and who also have a teachable spirit.

Province - Namibia

Areas - Karasburg Namibia and surrounding areas

Meetings - Every second month in Karasburg Church Hall


Ri√ętte Wasserfal

+264 81 275 0030 (WhatsApp Only)

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Contact Person:

Elize Visser

+27 72 130 6110 (WhatsApp Only)

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More Information

The Kokerboom Kwiltersgilde was founded in 2012 and the founder member is Riëtte Wasserfall.  During 2013 The Aroab kwilters was established as a group within the guild mainly because of the distance between Karasburg and Aroab being 200km. Our group are now known as the Kokerboom Kwilters and we have both groups within the “Kokerboom Kwiltergilde”We are honoured to be affiliated to SAQG as a country group. We are thankful for the SAQG support and the support of teachers visting Namibia.

Our aim is to grow as members of this unique quilt group, to support one another as friends and to promote patchwork and quilting in our region and also in Namibia, our beloved country. We share our love for patchwork and fabric with the Nama woman in our area and on our farms. These Nama ladies have a natural tendency for doing patchwork by hand and their neatness and their flair for colour are amazing and inspiring.

We organized the well known and well loved Marilyn Pretorius for a brand new first Quilt retreat in Grunau in May 2023 and ladies from across this vast country attended and made the most beautiful mandala’s.Watch this space for the second national retreat in 2024. We as Kokerboom Kwilters usually have our yearly members only retreat on a farm, Stinkdoorn, but this in Grunau retreat was a first attended by quilters from across our vast country.

As we live far apart we have a lively whattsapp group where we  encourage each other in our current quilting projects.As group we have both a strong quilting and social leg – but we do get beautiful quilts done!!!Iessie Steenberg is a well loved teacher in Namibia and what a privilege to be part of her amazing whattsapp tutorials. Iessie understands the heart of a quilter – thank you Iessie for going the extra mile teaching us  via whattsapp.

A date to remember:17 October 2023 : NG Kerksaal at 10h00

Our yearly fundraising event for the Cancer association and our exhibition. Johan Anker will entertain us with his music, Rolf Hansen CEO of CAN will be the Master of Ceremony.

Ons doelwit as groep: om te groei as kwilter en as mens – ons groep het 2 bene, ‘n lekker kwiltbeen en ‘n heerlike sosiale been, maar so kuier-kuier maak ons tog kwilte klaar. Ons glo daaraan om mekaar en ander vroue in die gemeenskap te bemagtig deur ons liefde vir lap oor te dra en so vroue te bemagtig. 

Thank you for reading our information – if ever you visit Namibia make sure to call on us – we love meeting quilters from elsewhere.