National Quilt Day 2018

National Quilt Day 2018

International Quilt Day was celebrated world wide.


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10 March 2018 - Golden West Quilters’ Guild


The host of the meeting was the Country Quilters - Carletonville.

Thank you very much for all thetreats and decorations.

Vendors : Allyson van Craft Academy en Hanneke Badenhorst van Stilfontein

Natasha O’ Brien demonstrated how to preserve leaves to stitch onto a quilt.

Paul Schutte gave a CD presentation of the 2017 National Quilt Festival

Petro Van Rooyen - guest speaker and Jaycee Kriek gave tips on how to doquilting with a sewing machine and a longarm quilting machine! 

Beautifully show and tell of her and friends quilts.

Sixteen visitors - Wow !!!!!