Quadrille Quilters' Guild

An active group that has worked together for the last 30 years.

Areas - West-Rand

Meetings - 1st Wednesday of every month



Allyson Rischbieter

083 294 0356

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Contact Person:

Grace Nobili

073 176 9560 / 011 679 4386

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Media contact:

Wendy Burtenshaw

082 390 8558 / 011 763 4981

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More Information

Quadrille Quilters was founded in 1984 and is the largest Quilting Group on the West Rand. The group was started by 4 members. They named themselves after the Card Trick Block which has 4 cards - therefore Quadrille. 


Founder members are Grace Nobili, Carolin Copeland, Liz Dobbins and Kathy Muller.


We are affiliated to the Golden Rand Quilters Guild and the South African Quilters Guild.We meet monthly on the 1st Wednesday of the month at the Horizon Methodist Church in Cutten Street Horizon. 


We have a constitution which has been in force for 30 years and Quadrille Quilters is run by a full committee. Quadrille Quilters is registered as a non profit organization with SARS.

There are several Shops that attend our meetings.

We have a guest speaker/ teacher each meeting and interesting topics are covered

The highlight of our meeting is the show and tell.

Tea is provided by members and the morning is a very uplifting experience

We, as a group, are involved in several charity projects each year.

The groups’ quilts may be seen on our websites in the gallery section.