Roy Starke Quilt Exhibition

2019 - Roy Starke Quilt Exhibition

Inspired by Colour

The Vincent van Gogh Series Quilt Exhibition

Roy Starke - Quilter Extraordinaire

10 April 1954 – 4 April 2018


To quote Roy

“Traditional rules of quilting can be stretched, broken or discarded all together”

“There are no rules in creative stitch craft – no single right way of working”

“I don’t make art for the washing machine”


Enid Viljoen - Enid, who was a student of Roy, worked closely with Roy and is currently living in Clanwilliam.She created numerous art quilts in the same fashion as her mentor. She inherited the Van Gogh collection and kindly loaned it for this exhibition.

Both Roy and Enid entered the World Quilt Competition and their work was displayed in five different states. These quilts all tell a fascinating story through the limitless use of fabrics and paint.

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2019-08-15 - 2019-09-30

The Ou Tronk Museum , Clanwilliam, Western Cape

Entrance - R30 per person

Roy Starke Quilt Exhibition

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