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The South African Quilters’ Guild

On Monday 16 March 2020, the president of South Africa declaring a national state of disaster for the country and the citizens due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, many quilting groups and guilds have cancelled the meetings and functions for the months of March, April and into May. Quilters are resourceful, creative and wise and can self-isolate quite contentedly with their fabrics and quilting projects.




The South African Quilters’ Guild was founded in 1989 at the 3rd National Quilt Festival held in Bloemfontein and has been the co-ordinating body of quilting in South Africa since then. The SAQG is the National Guild of South Africa, is a non-profit association with 11 Regional Guilds represented and other quilting groups that are affiliated to the SAQG.


MISSION STATEMENT: To foster an environment in South Africa where all people interested can reach their full potential in quilt making, nationally and internationally.


DUTIES: The SAQG is responsible for: 

  1. Establishing Rules for National Quilt Festivals;
  2. Training Quilt Judges to officiate at National Quilt Festivals;
  3. Running Quilt Teacher Accreditation courses;
  4. Promoting quilting in South Africa, the African continent and abroad;
  5. Documenting of Heritage Quilts and SA Quilting History;
  6. Involvement in Community and Outreach Projects, to lend support and encourage empowerment by sharing quilt-making skills.

About the SAQG logo

The SAQG logo represents the link between the quilting guilds. See the ‘link’ in blue and yellow on a white background, with the triangle shapes above and below, in the colours to the South African flag. The SAQG representative in each region acts as a link to the main National Guild.


NATIONAL FESTIVALS: The first National Quilt Festival was held in Cape Town in 1988. The National Festivals are now held biennially on a rotational basis by four of the bigger Guilds - Dias, Golden Rand, Good Hope and Natal.


The next SA National Quilt Festival will be hosted by Good Hope Quilters’ Guild. 

The 21st Quilt Festival in South Africa, to be held in Stellenbosch from 17-21 June 2021. The venue is Rhenish High School, Stellenbosch. The theme is Diversity. Visit the website for the latest information: http://festival2021.quiltsouthafrica.co.za/



SAQG Festival Quilt Banner

SAQG Quilt Banner

The SAQG advert about 30 years.

Celebration 30 Years of Quilting!!!

- National Quilt Day - 21st March 2020

On Monday 16 March 2020 the president of South Africa declared a national state of disaster for the country and the citizens due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic. The lockdown does not stop us from sewing...

20th Quilt Festival in South Africa - INTERCHANGE – threads connect


Country Groups

Dias Quilters’ Guild

East Coast Quilters’ Guild

Golden Rand Quilters’ Guild

Golden West Quilters’ Guild

Good Hope Quilters’ Guild

Jacaranda Quilters’ Guild

Kwa-Zulu Natal Quilters’ Guild

Lowveld Quilters’ Guild

Oranje Quilters’ Guild

Outeniqua Quilters’ Guild

Colour Express by Annette Marx

Vaal TriangleQuilters’ Guild

A river runs through it by Trienie Krugel

Saturday 21 march National Quilt Day.

On Monday 16 March 2020 the president of South Africa declared a national state of disaster for the country and the citizens due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

The lockdown does not stop us from sewing and being contented to be 'isolated' with our fabric and sewing machines (while there's power) and slow stitching and quilting by hand.

We can be united in the face of disaster and 'be courageous' and believe that this too will pass.

Be sensible. Keep your senses stimulated:
Look - with a new focus, see things differently, find your shadow and be appreciative of nature and colours around you.
Listen - to each other, listen to music - 'I am a material girl', 'all you need is love', for instance.
Touch - stroke fabric, and touch the textures, but keep your distance from other folks, wave instead of shaking hands.
Taste - cook up something that tastes delicious and is made with love.
Remember to breathe deeply and smell the 'roses'.
Take time to dream, read, watch telly and be creative, design and stitch, and do not panic.
Teach - someone to sew, crochet, cook and read.

Show your love by embracing what we have in our lives - partners, family and friends.

Say your prayers and think of for those who need our prayers, compassion and support.

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water - stay safe.

Stay Put, but go outside, Keep in touch by email, phone and WhatsApp, Skype or Facetime.

Lots of love
Jenny x

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